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Friday Entertainment – Together We Can Change The World

May 26, 2017

YouTube video MMM Team Rich Bukidnon

What Do Your Favorite Emojis REALLY Mean?!

May 25, 2017

YouTube video HollywireTV

Civilization starter kit | Marcin Jakubowski | TEDxKC

May 24, 2017

YouTube video TEDx Talks

Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing a set of blueprints for 50 farming tools that can be built cheaply from scratch. Call it a “civilization starter kit.” Declaring that, “We can lead self-sustaining lives without sacrificing our standard of living,” Marcin Jakubowski believes that only by opening the means of production can we achieve abundance for all.

Though he has a Ph.D. in fusion physics, Marcin became dissatisfied with its remoteness, and turned back to the earth as a farmer and social innovator. He is the founder of Open Source Ecology, which is creating the Global Village Construction Set — the blueprints for simple fabrication of everything needed to start a self-sustaining village. At Factor e Farm in rural Missouri, he’s been successfully putting those ideas to the test.

The Science of Kindness by Life Vest Inside

May 23, 2017

YouTube video LifeVestInside

Invention – Wheelchair Can Climb Up and Down Stairs

May 22, 2017

YouTube video Futurism

Sunday Travel – Bangkok (city of Angel), Thailand

May 21, 2017

YouTube video BookingHunterTV

YouTube video Johfors Film

Saturday Art – Italian Painter – Canaletto

May 20, 2017

YouTube video The National Gallery

You can watch the following video for a collection of 157 paintings – Canaletto

YouTube video LearnFromMasters

“Italian painter Giovanni Antonio Canal who came to be known across the world by his nickname Canaletto was one of the most prolific artists of the 18th century. He made a name for himself as a supreme painter of cityscapes. Canaletto’s father was a painter by profession as well and during his childhood in Venice he was trained by his father, before he went to work in Rome. However, after a short stint in Rome, he returned to Venice, learnt the nuances of topographical painting and drawing cityscapes from an older painter and started working with wealthy patrons who used to give him very lucrative commissions. One of the most remarkable works by Canaletto of his early years as a painter of cityscapes was ‘The Stonemason’s Yard’ that showed the sort of vision that he had as a painter and over the years his work was punctuated with bold colours and attention for detail that made him very popular. His work became a huge draw among rich English gentleman of the era who bought his paintings when they were in Italy on holiday and it was due to this lucrative market that Canaletto even moved to England at one point in his career.”

Friday Entertainment – Doug Seegers – Going Down to the River

May 19, 2017

YouTube video Synthfrillan

YouTube video NewsChannel 5

Card game inspires South Africans to carry out random acts of kindness

May 18, 2017

Pay for someone’s parking‚ help someone with their homework‚ buy someone a lottery ticket or a rose‚ spend an afternoon at a soup kitchen – a card game by a local entrepreneur reminds people to carry out random acts of kindness.

Game for Humanity is the creation of Marc Buhrer‚ founder of non-profit organisation Dare to Share.


Hannah Brencher: Love letters to strangers

May 17, 2017

YouTube video TED

Hannah Brencher’s mother always wrote her letters. So when she felt herself bottom into depression after college, she did what felt natural — she wrote love letters and left them for strangers to find. The act has become a global initiative, The World Needs More Love Letters, which rushes handwritten letters to those in need of a boost.