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11-Year-Old Invents Device To Help Prevent Leaving Children In Hot Cars | NBC Nightly News

June 29, 2017

YouTube video NBC News

After seeing news coverage of a child dying in a hot car, 11-year-old Bishop Curry invented a device that can help save lives by alerting parents when they’ve left their child behind in a car.

Navigation for Visually Impaired People

June 28, 2017

YouTube video MITCSAIL



June 27, 2017

YouTube video whole world here

Happy Birthday Song In Different Languages

June 26, 2017

YouTube video Earthling

Sunday Travel – Mooney Falls Descent in Supai, Arizona

June 25, 2017

YouTube video Kurt Wiebell

Saturday Art – Amazing Rice Painting

June 24, 2017

YouTube video simon tran

Friday Entertainment – Taiko Drummers: Omiyage at Bang On

June 23, 2017

YouTube video Raging Asian Taiko Drummers

Top 20 Audrey Hepburn Quotes || The British Actress And Humanitarian

June 22, 2017

YouTube video Daily-Quotes

Orchard Park students create miles-long acts of kindness chain

June 21, 2017

YouTube video WIVBTV

Each link in the paper chain represents a single act of kindness done by students at Eggert and South Davis elementary schools this school year. The full chain stretches 1.9 miles, the distance between the two schools.

Information about Rachel’s Challenge:

Cleveland man spreads 1 million acts of kindness

June 20, 2017

YouTube video News 5 Cleveland

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