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D.C. Man Raises Signs To Cheer Commuters

September 5, 2012

For the last few Monday mornings, Massoud Adibpour and three of his friends have been raising signs to cheer the commuters in the Washington D.C. area. The four signs for last Monday were “Honk if you love someone!”; “Be happy”; “Don’t be so hard on yourself”; and “Smile!”

According to The Washington Post, the 29-year-old Adipour and his friends stood on the Mall at 14th Street, the best place to catch commuters coming across the bridge from Virginia to begin another bleary-eyed Monday. Passing bicyclists dinged their cheerful bells. Pedestrians gave a thumbs-up. Unmarked cop cars blew their cover by flashing their lights. Drivers of 18-wheelers yanked on their air horns, loud enough for a tugboat. Most people smiled.

As the news spread, more people in the D.C. area have been inspired and vowed to follow their acts to put signs like Adipour’s around their offices. Some are thinking to join Adibpour and friends next Monday.

See Adibpour’s picture and read the story at

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