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8-Year-Old Maine Girl Gets Unexpected Reward For Her Good Deed

September 7, 2012

Last April, when Abbie Jacobson was shopping at Sam’s Club with her parents, she found a little green purse on the floor with wad of $100 bills, a debit card with the name “Ra Rim”, and a stash of gold rings, bracelets, and earrings inside.

“Abbie just looked right up at us and without any hesitation, said, ‘we need to find who dropped it — they’re going to be so sad,” Abbie’s mother, Jennifer, told the New York Daily News.

They turned the purse to the police for safe keeping after they failed to find “Ra Rim” in the store. Later that day, with Abbie’s insistence, Jennifer called the bank and was able to locate Rim to pick up the purse and a small gift from Abbie: a school picture of the third-grader.

According to New York Times, Rim is an elderly woman who emigrated from Cambodia to live with her family in southern Maine two years ago. Because there is so much corruption in Cambodia, Rim was used to carrying all of her valuables near her body in the green silk purse. She had saved up more than $4,000 dollars (all in the purse) to visit family in Cambodia and was doing some last-minute shopping at Sam’s Club to prepare for the trip, only a few days away.

Rim was so impressed with Abbie that while she was in Cambodia, she showed people Abbie’s picture, calling Abbie her “angel.”

As the word spread out about her good deed, when Abbie was asked in an interview what she would do if she had $4,000 of her own,  she said she would go to a Justin Bieber concert. After reading the interview, the head of the Bank of Maine called the Jacobsons, offering the entire family a trip to see Abbie’s idol to perform at a sold-out concert this fall in Boston. Several days later, the Marriott Hotel in Boston called to offer them free accommodation for the concert.

This reward meant so much to Abbie since her family has struggled with health care expenses in recent years: Abbie’s father just had a heart attack, and the girl must visit the hospital frequently because of severe asthma.

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