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1000 cranes for 1000 strangers

October 20, 2014

YouTube video MagicalDayDream

Designer and artist Mariëlle Coppes folded 1000 origami paper cranes and gave them away to 1000 random strangers in the hope to brighten their day. In her website, she further said, “You never know what is going on in someone’s life. Over time I have seen that we aren’t that different from each other. In a way we all face similar troubles, heart aches, pain, regrets, worries and fears. Just because you don’t know someone well enough to point these specific personal challenges out doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In the same way we share the good things in life: the emotional highs, inspiration, hopes and dreams. I wanted to reach out to people and let them know that whatever they are facing in this moment in time, both good and bad, I wish them the very best. I want to bring people closer to each other: to break the distance with a bridge of hope and kindness. I want to show that you are connected and loved, even if you don’t experience it all the time.”

You can read more at Mariëlle Coppes’ website:

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