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One Organization Gives Discarded Laptops New Life and a New Home

October 22, 2014

YouTube video Becky Morrison

NEW YORK, NY–Before it happened, Becky Morrison never knew her love of African dance and a friend’s old laptop would help change the world.

Becky, 33, is a producer who works on big budget projects like the NFL’s Sunday Night Football and Hollywood blockbuster movies. She’s also a professional West African dancer who has traveled to Guinea five times to study dance and dance with the country’s biggest private dance company, Ballet Merveilles de Guinée.

“It really breaks my heart people just don’t know anything about this country. Yes it’s poor, but it’s so awesome and so fun and the people are amazing,” Becky says.

Over the years she’s built a community of close friends in Guinea. During one of her trips, her friend Sekou Sano, the Ballet Merveilles’s artistic director, made a request: Rather than bring t-shirts or other small gifts, he asked if Becky could bring a laptop. Shortly before her next trip to Guinea, Becky posted a request on Facebook for old laptops. Within minutes she had 10 responses, Becky says.

“I had an inclination I wanted to do a community project and I thought, ‘Gosh there’s something here,’” Becky says.

So Becky founded Globetops, an organization that refurbishes donated laptops and sends them to worthwhile applicants throughout the world. It was through Globetops that Becky discovered just how much an old laptop can change a life while at the same time, reducing the amount of E-waste that ends up in landfills.


The Globetops site at

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