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Homeless man Ryan Arcand talks about becoming an internet sensation

November 15, 2014

YouTube video The National

Millions of people have viewed an online video of a homeless man giving an impromptu piano performance in an Edmonton square. His name is Ryan Arcand. Our reporter tracked him down.

Roslyn Polard was walking through Churchill Square, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, when she heard music so beautiful she had to stop and turn around. She saw a piano sitting outside of a building, with a homeless man playing it.

She approached to listen more closely, and began to film the concert. She found out that the man’s name was Ray, and she was moved by his original piano pieces. When she went home, she put the video up on Youtube and it went viral.

She hopes to find Ray and give him the money his beautiful playing earned on the internet.

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Passer-by captures homeless Canadian man at public piano giving a spectacular performance by Trevor Quinn for Mail Online

After the video went viral on Youtube, CNN tracked Ray down to interview him. His name is actually Ryan Arcand and he was taken from his parents and placed in foster care as a child. He did not begin playing piano until he was 8 years old.

Ryan Arcand CNN interview video on CNN News

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