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Man Cycling The Lower 48 States The Second Time To Raise Money for the American Cancer Society

December 2, 2014

IMG_053055-year-old Flynn Donoho was riding through Mayfield Village, Ohio with his dog Diva yesterday. He told us this is his second tour to cycle around the country raising money for the American Cancer Society. Donoho is a member of the Team ACS (Team ACS is a program of American Cancer Society that allows their supporters to fundraise for them while participating in events around the country.) Donoho mentioned that people can go to the Team ACS site and click on “Donate” to make a donation for his cause.

IMG_0529Donoho said that he was a drug addict and jobless. After his sister-in-law survived from cancer, he has decided to do something about his life.

“I figured I might as well do something worthy with my life instead of sitting around and doing nothing,” Donoho said.

The Little Rock, Arkansas native started his journey in Huntington Beach, California where his mother resides. He and his dog Diva have gone through 24 states and they are making good progress in reaching their final destination in Florida.

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