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Random act of kindness group overwhelms woman

December 18, 2014

kindnessLois Campbell from Summerside was shopping for apples at Sobeys a week and a half ago, when she was greeted by a group of children.

At first the 80-year-old great-grandmother thought they were selling tickets for a draw, so she started to rummage around in her purse for change.

Then a little girl stepped forward to hand her an envelope. Inside was a $50 gift card.

“And she said, ‘It’s for you.’ I couldn’t believe a $50 gift card, passed to me for no reason. I was just overwhelmed. The tears were coming, and I wanted to give them all a hug. I was trembling,” said Campbell.

Before she could get their names, the kids were gone. Campbell wanted to find them to thank them properly, so she set out to track them down.

The children and their parents belong to a group called Keeping Fit Exercise. But exercise isn’t all the group does. It raises money to help people in the community when there’s a need.


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