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Super heroes come in all sizes

February 15, 2015

YouTube video WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

This story comes out of Detroit. An 8-year old boy named Cayden Taipalus was in the lunch line at Challenger Elementary School, when the child in front of him was unable to pay for his hot lunch. The child put his tray down and walked away.

This made Cayden so sad, and he went home to ask his mother what he could do about it. He decided to collect donations and return deposit bottles to raise money to pay off the lunch debts of fellow classmates. His efforts took off, and he was able to provide lunches for over 200 fellow students, all anonymously.

While the school district indicates that they do provide lunch alternatives to children who cannot afford to pay, the Detroit area continues to struggle with finances and providing services for the poor. Cayden was able to provide a cushion for his school so that all lunches were created equal. He also proves, yet again, that size and age have nothing to do with super-hero abilities! Way to go Cayden! You are an inspiration for everyone who wants to help others, and I completely agree with you…small things can add up to big things.

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