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Honduran women bring light to their communities

May 18, 2015

solar-cellsLa Mosquitia,Los Naranjos and Los Hornos, and El Zapote and Buenos Aires, located in the north east, south and east respectively, are areas that are difficult to access. People earn a living through agriculture and paid work is only available during harvesting season on the large plantations located far from their homes.

These communities live in houses made of adobe or wood with dirt floors, experiencing serious difficulties in the absence of electrical energy.

“Although we are accustomed to this, without any light our children cannot study at home – even during the day. One of them suffers from respiratory problems, our house and clothes are stained with soot and the smell of smoke,” says 69-year-old Juanita Zambrano, who lived in Los Hornos the past 51 years.

Read more here to see how 4 Honduran women got themselves trained on how to install, repair solar power equipment and bring the technology back to Honduras. Today, some of the households not only have lights at night but also able to watch TV.

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