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Sunday Travel – See inside incredible ice hotel with amazing sculptures that is built every year

December 20, 2015

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See inside incredible ice hotel with amazing sculptures that is built every year
A 3m tall African elephant carved from snow might not be the first thing you expect to see when you’re checking into a hotel.

But this is on hostelry that prides itself on offering the magical so guests can just arrive and chill out.

The Swedish Ice Hotel has opened for the new season, boasting dreamy jumping sheep tucking you into bed, a 1970s-inspired Love Capsule, and an imperial Russian-inspired theatre set, Labyrinth Saga.

Annually, the hotel takes 4,000 tons of natural ice from Sweden’s national river Torne which is formed into the incredible edifice during a two-month construction.

The amount of snow used to create the Ice Hotel’s 50 rooms, church and bar would suffice to make 700 million snowballs and the chandeliers alone are made from 1,000 hand cut ice crystals.

From December to April, the bar serves 26,550 drinks IN the rocks from ice cocktail glasses.

A total of 11,000 hot cups of sweet lingonberry juice are given as a complimentary morning drink to fresh awakened guests before they leave the warm sleeping bags and head for sauna and breakfast.

The hotel prides itself on the artwork that features in its halls, putting magical sculpture alongside luxury.

The Michelin-trained head chef Alexander Meier has even planned a winter menu of local delicacies in a modern style, including spruce shoots, cloudberries and sea buckthorn.

Guests can stay in cool surroundings at the hotel in Jukkasjärvi while heading out during the day to try Nordic skiing, Swedish sauna ritual and Arctic wilderness survival.

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