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Little girl mistakes bearded shopper for Santa Claus then something amazing happens

December 21, 2015

YouTube video Kanal Dizimatik

Little girl mistakes bearded shopper for Santa Claus then something amazing happens

If you’re not already full of the joys of the season, this heartwarming video is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit .

A little girl was out shopping with her father when she noticed a jolly-looking man with a white beard pass by.

Naturally, given the time of year, she assumed it could only be one person – Santa .

And to the man’s eternal credit, he went along with it, leading to a heartwarming encounter that has now gone viral.

The clip starts with the little girl staring at the man, known only as Roger.

He kneels down and asks her who she thinks he is.

When she replies, he is heard saying: “Santa? I’ve been called a lot worse.”

“Santa” then asks the youngster if she’s been a good girl, and if she’s getting ready for Christmas.

When she tells him she’s going to leave out some cookies for him, he asks: “Can I eat them all?”

“You have to share,” comes the reply.

The conversation ends with Santa wishing the girl a Merry Christmas.

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