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Oklahoma man surprises strangers with random act of kindness – you could be next

January 20, 2016

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As much negativity as there is in this world, there is also kindness – plenty of it.

One Oklahoma man is living proof.

Zach Radcliffe surprised complete strangers at a Tulsa convenience store, filling up gas tanks and buying food for hungry customers.

“I just wanted to spread some positive vibes here in the Bible Belt.”

Radcliffe is a single father of two who sells cars for a living.

He isn’t rich financially but his heart is rich with kindness.

“The only thing better than being blessed is blessing someone else,” Radcliffe said.

His only request…

“I was just telling them, ‘God bless you,’ and told them, ‘All I ask is for you to pay it forward.’ I told them it doesn’t have to be money, just do something for someone.”

And “pay it forward” they did.

After Radcliffe’s video was shared on Facebook, he received messages from people who took pizzas to their local fire department, proving that kindness really is contagious.

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