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Illac Diaz | Lighting up the world one bottle at a time

May 23, 2016

YouTube video TEDx Talks

In Manila’s poorest districts, a revolution in zero-energy grassroots lighting is taking place.

Beginning with one solar bottle light in April 2011, the program of MyShelter Foundation has now installed more than 15,000 solar bulbs in 20 cities around the country saving already millions of pesos to the beneficiary with savings off their electricity bills.

The best part is the foundation produces very little of the production of the bulbs as its made in the community, by the community themselves out of waste that is normally thrown away..

Illac Diaz is a social entrepreneur working in the ASEAN region empowering communities through the use of sustainable construction and appropriate technologies.

Through the MyShelter Foundation, several pioneering programs in the country in rammed earth, bamboo, and PET plastic bottle construction.

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