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Saturday Art – Sand castle exhibition

September 9, 2017

YouTube video IcyNinja32


Friday Entertainment – Flashmob Dublin Airport

September 8, 2017

YouTube video Take The Floor

2017 World Happiness Report

September 7, 2017

YouTube video SDSN

Devastating storm Harvey inspired many acts of kindness in Texas

September 5, 2017

YouTube video ABC News

Pantheon of Rome. Mystery of ancient Roman architecture in 3D

September 4, 2017

YouTube video Andres Jalak

Sunday Travel – Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

September 3, 2017

YouTube video Pocono Tourism

Saturday Art – Chihuly Garden and Glass

September 2, 2017

YouTube video HealthBeautyLifeShow

Friday Entertainment – Panda Falling Compilation

September 1, 2017

YouTube video iPanda

House building function | Building a floating home

August 28, 2017

YouTube video Home Design Inspiration

Sunday Travel – Cleveland, Ohio

August 27, 2017

YouTube video Erik The Travel Guy