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How these expanding shoes are helping children in poverty

May 16, 2018

YouTube video Business Insider UK

Charity “Because International” developed a pair of shoes that can grow up to five sizes.

It’s called The Shoe That Grows and is meant for children in poor countries which have a limited access to shoes.

The shoes come in three sizes and each of these can span over five different shoe sizes. They’re made with a compressed rubber similar to a car tire, velcro straps and a peg on the front.

Children often outgrow donated shoes within a year, whereas one pair of The Shoe That Grows is built to last for five years.

Without shoes, children can suffer from soil-transmitted diseases. It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from such diseases.

The lack of shoes could also mean children can’t attend school, as shoes are often part of the uniform.

The Shoe That Grows was invented in 2007 in Kenya after Kenton Lee spotted a girl with shoes too small for her feet. He started the project in the US and perfected the shoe in 2012, which is now produced in China and Ethiopia.

So far “Because International” has distributed over 120,000 pairs in 91 countries. “Because International” partners with other organisations to distribute the shoes or ask people travelling to poor areas to take them along and distribute themselves.

A pair costs £11 ($15).

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