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This Japanese Town Shows How ‘Zero Waste’ Is Done

April 2, 2016

YouTube video whatevvervideos

A small town in Japan has participated in a program to promote zero waste production, a trend that will hopefully be picked up by other communities.

Since 2003, the residents of Kamikatsu town have successfully reduced the waste they produce by 80 per cent. By 2020, the goal is to go completely zero waste.

Residents must collect all their trash, wash it clean and sort it into 34 different categories. And then take all of the materials to the single recycling facility in the town that the waste goes into the correct bins.

The town also has a special shop where residents can exchange used items with new things for free. There’s also a factory which employs women to make bags, clothes, and stuffed dolls out of discarded items. Businesses are also encouraged to participate in responsible waste management.

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